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Que alimentos causam refluxo ácido? Lista de alimentos e bebidas que causam refluxo ácido

Learning about the foods that cause acid reflux is really a good idea. It will prevent the occurrence of pain as well as reduce acid reflux, which for a period becomes normal. The onset of heartburn, the main symptom of acid reflux, changes from person to person.

The food you eat may be causing acid reflux, although it may not be the same for other people. Therefore, staying away from certain foods will keep you away from heartburn. It’s not just food you eat, other factors such as workload, stress levels also contribute to the symptoms of acid reflux. Taming the symptoms is only possible when you have a clear picture of the personal shooting points.

Many foods can trigger acid reflux. A large meal or an excessive portion of chips before bedtime is sure to light up the heartburn. Fatty foods, late night meals and large portions are the three trigger points that increase acid reflux. In some cases, these factors pave the way for the growth of symptoms, even for a healthy person who has never had a history of acid reflux.

The other factor to consider is the amount of consumption of the meal. Stuffing the belly with lots of food causes it to stretch. This action puts a lot of pressure on SLE, which is a key player in preventing developed acids in the stomach region from moving upward. Therefore, juices or the last portion of the food you eat may go back into the esophagus causing the burning sensation.

Foods that contain high fat are a great not for people suffering from acid reflux. The reason is due to the point that the fat content lies in the belly region for an extended period. Because of this, the body produces additional acid to burn the fat, causing irritation in the digestive system. It not only irritates the stomach but also leads to push back the food you ate up the throat.

What foods cause acid reflux?

The list of foods and drinks that can trigger acid reflux varies from one individual to another. However, the following are typical food products that produce acid reflux:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoke
  • black pepper
  • Garlic
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus fruits
  • Caffeine
  • Peppermint
  • Tomatoes.

What is the solution to prevent acid reflux?

The food products specified above are the main food products that cause acid reflux and facilitate the increase of symptoms that transform a secondary acid reflux into a serious condition. A better way to overcome is simply by avoiding products. Because products differ from one individual to another, a sharp observation about the consumption that is causing the symptom will be helpful.

Observation will help in collecting data that provides a better way to eat good food. Also, the main factor to be remembered is not to overeat. Instead of eating three meals that consist of heavy consumption, it is preferable to divide it into smaller portions. Another factor is the time interval between dinner and bedtime. A minimum interval of 2 hours is preferably the best time interval. It is this period in which the process of digestion is complete and leaves no trace of acids in the stomach.

Learning how to avoid acid reflux depends on understanding the trigger points. Some episodes occur, which you do not need to take seriously. However, if they are repetitive, it is time for you to call a doctor and make changes in lifestyle.

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