Como você contrai a tricomoníase?

A tricomoníase é uma doença sexualmente transmissível. Contrariar a doença é possível com a ajuda de antibióticos. A ocorrência é comum e muitas pessoas não mostram sinais de sua presença. Milhões de pessoas sofrem com as DST . A razão para a causa é um parasita que está presente no pré-sêmen, sêmen e fluidos vaginais.

It’s hard to find because people show no sign of your presence. Everyone with trichomoniasis feels good and unaware of the situation. However, when showing symptoms, the common sign that can be noticed is vaginitis. Vaginitis is a condition when the vagina or vulva becomes irritated. The parasite that causes the condition also affects the urethra. Significant signs include  itching  , irritation, painful pee and smelly discharge.

The cause of trichomoniasis is due to the parasite called trichomone. A person who has the infection transmits it to another person when they participate in an unprotected sex act. The virus goes through pre-semen, semen and vaginal fluids. You can also infect others when touching the genitals with infected hands, using contaminated sex toys, and vulva-to-vulva contact. It affects the vagina, penis, vulva and urethra, but does not infect other parts of the body.

Trichomoniasis does not spread when you have physical contact, such as kissing, hugging, holding hands, sharing food, sneezing, coughing and sitting on toilet seats. Many infected people do not know they have trich. This makes them the host and helps them spread it to others.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of trichomoniasis will be difficult to find because it is difficult to develop, and even if a person experiences the same, lack of pain or visible signs make it difficult. However, the trich test will be helpful in finding out if you are suffering from it.

At least seven people show no signs of trichomoniasis in ten. If infection occurs in the penis, it is unlikely to cause any symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms are insignificant, making it difficult to realize the same or think that there is an infection. Therefore, the only way to confirm its presence is to take the test.

Following are the common signs you may notice:

  • Green, gray or yellow bad smell discharge
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Swelling of the genitals
  • Itching sensation around the genital region
  • Blood discharge

What happens during the test?

The attending physician or nurse will use a cotton swab to collect samples from the vagina or penis and observe them under a microscope. The test for trichomoniasis is as simple as urinating in a cup. Sometimes the test includes a simple procedure of rubbing the genitals with a cotton swab, which helps in collecting skin cells.

The onset of trichomoniasis is similar to that of bacterial vaginosis,  chlamydia  or  gonorrhea  . Therefore, the doctor or nurse uses different methods to test the same. The idea of ​​testing the trich scares everyone. However, it is your responsibility as an adult to take the STD test. The good news is that trichomoniasis is curable. Therefore, the sooner you learn about your presence, the sooner you can receive treatment.

Things to do before the test

  • Do not participate in sex
  • Avoid using deodorants, sprays and dust on your genitals.
  • Do not bathe, as it washes fluids that are useful for the test.
  • Make sure the appointment does not find periods.

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