Como você verifica se há linfonodos inchados?

The lymphatic system of our body is an integral part of our immune system. This lymphatic system consists of lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes or lymph glands and some lymphatic organs such as spleen, thymus and bone marrow. The lymph nodes are present throughout our body, which can be deep and shallow. They do the important job of filtering waste from different cells in the body. This drainage system reaches the chest and drains near the heart.

The lymph nodes are not felt unless they are enlarged or swollen. The lymph nodes are felt in the regions of the head, neck, armpits or armpits, arms, groin and back of the knees. All other lymph nodes are deep and cannot be felt superficially. Following a certain method, these lymph nodes can be felt if the lymph nodes are swollen. The lymph nodes are located in the region, and each group represents this specific area or region of the body. Swollen lymph nodes usually indicate a problem in this particular part of the body. If the lymph nodes are swollen anywhere, this may indicate some serious infection and often cancer. If an infection is suspected, the healthcare professional will make sure to examine these lymph nodes.

Checking the lymph nodes in the head and neck

In the head and neck region, the lymph nodes can be felt in the front of the ear, behind the ear, just below the ear, in the throat just below the jaw line, etc. To feel these lymph nodes, one should fingertips in a smooth, circular motion. In addition, one should check both lymph nodes on both sides for comparison. If the lymph node is swollen, it will feel slightly larger than the other, which is not swollen. It can be as small as a pea or larger than that. For the neck region, you need to tilt your head to the side of the exam in order to relax the muscle. Then the same method should be followed to check the lymph nodes. For the lymph nodes near the collarbone, the shoulders should be bent so that the skin relaxes and then

Checking Underarm Lymph Nodes

When checking an armpit, the arm should be raised slightly. Then place the fingers of the other arm under the armpit and then lower the arm. Once the center of the armpit is established, locate the lymph nodes by moving my fingers along the back and the inner edge of the armpit.

Checking Lymph Nodes in the Inguinal Area

There are two lymph node chains in the groin – the horizontal group and the vertical group. The horizontal lymph nodes are located just below the inguinal ligament, along its edge. The vertical group is located along the upper thigh.

Always make sure to examine both sides for any comparison.

The lymph nodes, if not enlarged, are often hard to feel that way. However, in case of prior infection, checking the lymph nodes regularly can be important as it gives an idea if something is wrong with the lymph nodes. It also gives a possible indication of infection or cancer if any of them are present in the body but otherwise feel less. But checking too often can also be pointless, as you wouldn’t notice any changes to them.

The lymph nodes are an integral part of our body’s immune system. They form the defense mechanism of our body. Swollen lymph nodes are an important indication that something is not right in the body. Immediate medical measures taken at these times can prove extremely beneficial.

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