O que causa o sarampo em adultos?

Measles is an extremely contagious viral infection, mainly seen in children, but can also affect adults. The main mode of transmission of measles virus is to contact droplets that come out of an infected individual during  coughing  , sneezing or talking. In some cases, an individual may get measles only in the same room as the infected person.

Until the mid-1960s to 1970s, measles were considered a threat to life, especially in third world countries; however, in the United States, the vaccine was already developed and the country was considered measles free by the end of 2011, when there was an increase in the number of measles cases as a result of increased international travel, especially to Central African countries. and Asia. . This led the FDA to issue a travel alert for children and adults to be immunized before foreign travel to prevent measles development.

Individuals born after 1957 who have no medical contraindications are advised to take at least one dose of the MMR vaccine to prevent them from getting measles.

In addition, college students, healthcare professionals and frequent travelers are also recommended to get the MMR vaccine to protect them from contracting the measles virus. It is well known that measles can affect children, but this article outlines how adults can be affected by measles.

What causes measles in adults?

The main cause of measles is the rubella virus. This virus usually lives in the lining of the throat or nose of an infected person. An adult may receive Measles if they have not been vaccinated against Measles or if the effectiveness of the vaccine is depleted.

An adult with measles will be infected for seven to ten days after infection, after which the characteristic symptoms of measles appear and thereafter the infection goes on.

An adult may cause measles to come into physical contact with an infected individual, approach an infected person when sneezing or coughing, and touch a surface that has been infected by mucus droplets by an infected individual.

In conclusion, measles tend to affect children more than adults, but even adults can receive measles if they have not been vaccinated for this infection or if the effectiveness of the vaccine has been depleted. Since an individual can get Measles primarily by traveling to third world countries, it is prudent that he or she should be vaccinated prior to the planned trip to protect them from a serious illness like Measles.

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