Onde o Staphylococcus é encontrado no corpo e o que acontece se a infecção por staph não for tratada?

Staphylococcus bacteria, or Staph bacteria, is a type of germ that can be in your body at any time, but may not be cause for concern. It is estimated that 25% of people have staph bacteria on their skin surface without complications. However, when these bacteria enter the body, the real problem arises. Let’s read below and learn more, where are these staph bacteria found in the body and what happens if staph infection is not treated?

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Where is Staphylococcus found in the body?

Staph bacteria are commonly found on the skin or nose of even healthy individuals. Although these staphylococcal bacteria most often do not cause problems, or can sometimes result in minor skin infections, these infections can sometimes become deadly if the bacteria invade the body deeper or enter the bloodstream, bones, joints, lungs or heart. Such invasive staph infection can be fatal and require immediate treatment.

What happens if staph infection is not treated?

Staph infections of the skin are usually present as red spots, boils,  blisters  and skin abscesses. It is also accompanied by fever. Antibiotics are usually used to treat skin-related staph infections.

However, invasive staph infections can be really fatal if left untreated. The biggest concern here is that symptoms vary depending on where the bacteria takes over. For example, septic arthritis is when staph infection is in the joints and is marked by redness, fever and joint pain. Similarly, sepsis is a condition that occurs when staph infection is in the bloodstream; and is one of the most dangerous forms of staph infection. Symptoms here include rapid breathing, fever, high heart rate, chills, and disorientation. Staphylococcal infections of the gastrointestinal tract cause  stomach cramps  ,  diarrhea  and  vomiting. . Similarly, staph infections in the bones cause fever, chills and also pain in the infected area.

It should be strictly observed that if staph infection of the skin is not treated, it can lead to an invasive staph infection, which can be really fatal.


So now we know that we may be at serious risk if we develop an invasive staph infection. Therefore, if you suspect you are suffering from staph infection, it is important that you have a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, regular exercise, minimizing alcohol consumption and avoiding smoking and illicit drugs. In addition, you also need to keep some safety precautions such as washing your hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom, before and after preparing food, and after arriving home from a crowded area.

Be sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible if you have symptoms of an invasive staph infection.

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