Você pode obter um STD de um assento do toalete?

Sexually transmitted diseases are those that spread through unsafe sexual contact with the person who has the disease.

Gonorrhea  , venereal lymphogranuloma,  syphilis  , donovanosis are some of the diseases that spread through sexual contact, while diseases such as  scabies  , pediculosis spread by sharing towels as well.

The question is if the disease has spread through the toilet seat? The answer is no. As the name implies, sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted primarily through sexual intercourse that is oral, vaginal, but rarely through other routes. Few other routes that cause disease transmission include blood transmission, people who use intravenous injectables for drug use, towel sharing in a few diseases. A person who has multiple sexual partners is more susceptible to the disease. The only way to get rid of these diseases is to educate people about these diseases.

Sexually transmitted diseases are never transferred through toilet seats, as it is very difficult for the body to survive outside the human body for a long time. As soon as the organism is exposed to the external environment, it is bound to die. Organisms are not easily transferred through simple contact. There is much less chance of getting the infection through simple contact with the skin. There should be abrasions present which provide an easy route of entry into the bloodstream through which the body reaches the desired destination.

There are some explanations too

There are few researchers who believe that trichomonas can sometimes spread through toilet seats, but none of these cases are found yet. The toilet seat was initially considered a source of infection, but now it has been proven that not all infections are transmitted through seat sharing. Pediculosis and scabies, in fact, these are not transmitted by sharing seats, but are easily transmitted by sharing towels.

What is prevention?

It does not matter whether these are transmitted through toilet seats or not if proper hygiene should be maintained. Avoid using public toilets as much as possible and if you are using these toilets, be sure to clean yourself properly, because sometimes the infection spreads more when proper hygiene is not maintained.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a cause of concern among adolescents. In previous years, there is a trend change among young people. They are indulging in more such activities. In a few cities western culture has been adopted. To be cool, few teens engage in such activities without knowing the consequences. Thus, sex education should be given to all teenagers.

In addition to adolescents, sex education should be given to adolescent girls and boys. Before marriage, one should check up. The female should do her complete checkup. For vaginal examinations and pap smear should be done to rule out the presence of any organism. This will prevent transmission to your children. So it is always better to take precautions. Sexually transmitted diseases need to be treated as early as possible.

Few initiatives are taken by the government to treat sexually transmitted diseases. Settlement of the Suraksha clinic at all levels contributes to the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. The provision of appropriate drugs is really essential. One should not be ashamed of the disease.

So we can say that almost all sexually transmitted diseases need a lot of attention. Sharing the toilet seat is not very harmful, but maintaining personal hygiene is really very important. Cleaning of seats on a regular basis should be done so that marginal chances of transmission can be avoided. Public toilets should be kept clean and one should make sure to clean the public toilet after use. Should be treated as your own bathroom. Be responsible for your act.

Portanto, as doenças sexualmente transmissíveis devem ser tratadas com cuidado para evitar a infertilidade a longo prazo. Medicação adequada deve ser dada e em casos de complicações, eles devem ser tratados também. Ainda não é tarde. Consciência em relação a essas pequenas questões pode trazer uma grande transformação. Então, aja com sabedoria e opte pelo tratamento, pois não há nada de vergonhoso em ser tratado.

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